Cheap Medical Supplies From Thriftshops

Things that we can get her for a dollar.

And if you’re like me, it’s like, wow, where do we start here? So let’s start here with the bandages first. Okay. This is actually a pretty, pretty good deal. As far as small units go here, the rural gauze here, it’s only, I want to say it’s like three feet long. It should tell you here three inches wide. And yeah, we’re looking for a link there. You can get a little bit of guesstimation. There we go. Right there. It’s four, four and a half yard stretch. So it’s not the most, but the nice thing here is that you can hand them out and make small kids and stuff here. These gauze pads are pretty sweet too. They should have the nonadherent pads as well here. So these are really good deal. And what we’re focusing on here with wound care insurance, bad boy around here. What we’re focusing on with our purchases here is that whenever I’m purchasing bandages, I want to make sure that they have maximum bang for the buck, really, but I get a lot of options for, for what I’m storing here. And specific bandages are kind of a pain in the butt. Like I’m talking with specifically for an elbow or specifically for a given area of the body. Um, if I’m going to store stuff that it needs to has maximum implications. So I like to have flexibility with the stuff that I store.

So some other things here, um, cause I got this clean tape. Clean tape is really nice for if you have somebody with paper scan, like the little grainy or somebody else who has the skin that tears really easily, the athletic tape here on the waterproof tape. These are mainly used for being able to anchor a bandage onto an area of the body and keep it there for an extended period of time. Something else here. There’s a reason why there’s only one of these bad boys left and that’s because that’s a really good price for a finger splint, finger splints, a improviser kind of a pain in the vitamin. You can make one, if you take a compressor and break it in half and then wrap tape around it, but having a purpose built finger splint here for a book, not a bad idea at all.

And these are here are the sweet score, have the dollar tree and that’s instant cold packs. There’s, there’s two of them in here. Um, but the nice thing about these instant callbacks is that anywhere that you go, you don’t have to have ice necessarily. If you’ve got this and you’ve got somebody who is in need of one, for whatever reason, you just crack it because it’s a, I think it’s an ammonia based packet here. You track it and an endothermic reaction. So it ends up causing coldness wherever you need it. The dollar for two of them, that’s pretty sweet deal right here. Two other things that I really like to store one is the generic Benadryl, which is an allergy, um, suppressors. And anti-histamine basically the Benadryl has a lot of different usages and something else over here is a pill crusher. I am for a dollar.

You can’t really go wrong. There are times like for, um, little old grannies and also for your little kids, that folks, for whatever reason, you’re not able to swallow pills. And so having a method to crush the pill up effectively, you can put it in like applesauce or peanut butter just depends. I don’t really like peanut butter as much as I do Apple sauce. Some meds are not supposed to be crushed up, but for a dollar that’s a really nice option to have in your bag. So, you know, what’s really funny. I just got recognized literally in between the time that I started telling you guys this, I had some fun, some subscribers combined said, Hey, nurse, you’re, we are in the middle of a dollar tree. You never know where you’re to meet. So shall we continue? I think so. Yeah, something that you may or may not have thought about is to store puppy pads and puppy pads while they certainly serve the purpose of training your pet to be better about his toileting habits.

Puppy pads also can trap in blood, especially if you’ve got somebody who’s bullying a lot, especially women after childbirth has RA reaping to store. Also, if you’ve got to someone who’s dealing with a lot of diarrhea, like I’m talking almost, you know, not being able to move because they’re in a really bad state having puppy pads under them or nearby is a really good thing to have. We talked about this a little bit in class, um, with folks who are experiencing color and just some things that we can do to kind of track the waste. Cause especially with color, when you’re looking at color or the bacteria that cause color and go into a heightened state of infections is whenever they acquire a host. So the waste from someone who has cholera is pretty, pretty infectious. Being able to trap that in a confined area, good thing.

And we have our pain relief patches. I haven’t had super great results with these, but the absorbing patches I have had good results with. They were pretty well, at least for me and my own health issues. Okay. Now some fun things here. Let’s talk about the over the counter stuff. This is a really good deal. Actually, the airborne packets Ted had been for a buck, not a bad idea, but over here, they’re really bright here in the dextromethorphan dextromethorphan into cost depressant. Right. And it also has in it too. Yep. Go off right there as an expectorant. So it helps to break stuff up there. Something else. That’s a really good idea to store to you as a tablet cutter or a pill cutter. Cause there are times when you need a full dose for things. And then there are times when you don’t need a full dose half dose maybe, or you need to mix and match in order to achieve the dosage that you, that you want.

You got to slice and dice and Hills there. So that’s a good thing to store in for a dollar. They’re not a van deal at all. Salient over here is a really good thing to bring on trips with you, especially if you’re an airplane to keep your nasal passages from getting raw, but also to help cut down on the risk for infections. When you keep your nasal passages irrigated well with sailing, it helps to make it not to a happy home for bacteria and nasties. At this point, you might be wondering what do I do with all my stuff and how do I keep it together? Well, luckily the dollar tree has an answer for this too. We’ve got different sorts of boxes here. These are more squares and there’s some up front here. I’ll show you in a second that are more rectangular issue, but these little bad boys right here, you can mix and match.

And I keep most of my stuff in there. If you’re looking for a great way to store and organize your stuff, these bins down here are really sweet. They’re not necessarily the highest grade of constructions, but they do have a lid and they’re colored. So that way you can color code stuff. And this is going to be my next undertaking. You can get everything into a reasonable, sensible, excellently, organized blue system. So that was a fun experience. Uh, I got to go into the dollar tree, the guy in the process, we met a couple of subsc

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