How To Take Away The Wheeze.

How To Take Away The Wheeze.

Respiratory Equipment Used to Treat Respiratory Conditions at Home.   (Always Seek Medical Advice)

I have had exposure on how to take away the wheeze. I have been an asthmatic for 40 years.

I have had first hand experience using nebulisers and other devices at home and on the road. Always seek medical advice first.

How To Take Away the Wheeze
How To Take Away the Wheeze

There are a number of brands available (in Australia) that produce respirators and nebuliser for the treatment of lung conditions at home. Which one is right for you? You can work with your doctor or respiratory therapist to decide what features in a nebuliser you may want or need.

Although portable respiration therapy devices perform a similar function to the more sophisticated equipment available in healthcare facilities, these models are especially designed for use at home or while traveling. Some require a power outlet, while others use rechargeable batteries. These devices should only be used under the advice and supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Important factors to consider include battery life (where applicable), flow rate, sterilization requirements, and ease of use. Along with the home first aid kit, a nebuliser is a must for chronic asthmatics.

These brands are available in Australia;

  • Able
  • Allersearch
  • MedeScan
  • Omron
  • Philips Respironics

These are available at these online suppliers. You may experience delay in your order being delivered;



When nebulizers and inhalers were introduced to the world during the 1930s and 1950s, respectively, this was exactly the gift people with lung diseases, like asthma, yearned for since the beginning of time. This meant they now had an easy means of inhaling the medicine needed to control and treat their disease.

How To Take Away The Wheeze
How To Take Away the Wheeze

Nebulizers were invented first, and were certainly appreciated, but they were not made for mobile use.

So when inhalers were introduced, they quickly became the top choice for those who needed respiratory medicine. But even inhalers had their limitations. There are advantages and disadvantages of the preferable inhaler. We investigate the same for nebulizers.

How does the Nebuliser work?

In order to get relief from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pathways Disorder), asthma, or any other respiratory ailment, getting medication into the lungs as quick as possible is the best way to expedite relief.

Rescue inhalers and MDIs (Metered Dose Inhalers) are ways to get medication into the lungs during an asthma attack, but some medications require the use of a nebulizer.

A nebulizer transforms liquid medication into a fine mist aerosol that is easily inhaled into the lungs through the use of a mouthpiece or mask. This does not require the inhalation coordination of an MDI.

All you need to do was breathe normally and medication is on its way to doing its job.

Advantages and Disadvantages.

The advantages of nebulizers:

  • Allows for immediate application of medicine to airways and ideal for asthma. The device allows for medicine to be absorbed as it is administered over a longer period of time. If the lungs are congested then the nebuliser is a more thorough method of drug administration. As the patient starts to breath normally more medicine is absorbed as the lungs clear. A puffer administers the medicine in a short sharp burst.
  • Relatively easy to use, and quite easy to coordinate (just breathe normal).
  • Easy to inhale the medicine, regardless of airflow limitation caused by flare-ups and end stages of COPD.
  • Nebulisers and air compressors last a long time for repeat application if well maintain. I have had my nebuliser longer than when the superseded model came on the market.
  • The Nebuliser is a good household investment particularly with children. Sometimes the equipment may only be used for a season and can be used for other family members if similar illness exist.

The disadvantage of nebulisers: 

  • Most air compressors require electric source.
  • Some nebuliser are loud and it disturbs the patient particularly if they are a child.
  • Most affordable nebulisers are not easily portable.
  • Nebulisers are expensive however the price is coming down over time. Usually over $100.
  • Nebuliser treatments generally take about 10-20 minutes, posing a challenge in today’s fast-paced society.
    For most folks who require respiratory medicine, inhalers work just great. For those who would benefit, nebulisers offer a viable alternative. If you think one or the other would benefit you, please consult your physician.

The Nebuliser Product Description.

The nebuliser is recommended for customers requiring a nebuliser therapy system for occasional use in the home.

What is normally included in the Nebuliser Pack;

  • The Nebuliser machine
  • Storage Bag
  • Adult and Child Mask
  • Mouth piece
  • Replacement filters
  • Tubing
  • Nebuliser Bowl
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight
  • TGA Approved


  • Operates 240v power level
  • Thermal fuse for protection
  • Usually in an impact resistant case
  • Usually has a 2warranty

Technical Specifications:

• Particle size MMAD OF 1.5 microns
• Aerosol output – 0.35ml/min
• Dynamic airflow 5.1 Lpm
• Certificate of Suitability No.CS6487

How To Take Away the Wheeze
How To Take Away the Wheeze

Nebulising Time:
Nebulising time approx. 20 mins using 4-5ml of medication

Prior to using this product it is important you carefully read the instructions and keep them in a safe place for future reference.

Please check the star rating. Its should be 5 star. Different brands are available in different countries. Its best to shop around on line before you buy.


How to take away the wheeze – Breathing disorders, such as COPD or asthma, can be a major detriment when it comes to quality-of-life issues.

Treating these breathing ailments with medications is the main course of treatment. Being able to deliver aerosol medication directly into the lungs in an expedited fashion is the best way to manage these lung disorders.

Use of a nebulizer for aerosol medications allows for the efficient and easy delivery of these medications.

Whether you’re searching for the best nebulizer for babies or the best portable nebulizer for travel always check online at the above mentioned supplies for what is in stock.





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