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Healius, a leading Australian healthcare company, is a synonym for consistency, sustainability and accessibility to health for all Australians. Healius offers world-class services for licenced general physicians, radiologists and other health providers, through its comprehensive network of multi-disciplinary practise clinics, pathology labs and forensic imaging centres, which deliver patient treatment in collaboration with Healius pathologists, nurses and other staff.

The Healius model medical centre promotes transparency and cost effectiveness of health care facilities, while facilitating the integration and continuance of patient care safety.

With more than 1,500 qualified general practitioners (GPs), dentists, primary care professionals and other clinicians who work with both acute and chronic problems in their patients Healius partners.

Healius provides medical professionals with a wide variety of resources and support that enable them to focus on providing their patients with professional treatment.

Services include:

  1. Nurses and Day Surgery Units
  2. Practice management
  3. Property management
  4. Finance and administration
  5. Human Resources management
  6. IT and risk management
  7. Business development and marketing support

In order to manage the centres, Healius employs around 1,800 nurses, practice managers, centre support staff and corporate staff.

Healius has over 70 Medical Centres across Australia which are generally open 365 days a year, 7 am to 10 pm, and offer appointments and walk-in services. The majority of services provided by the independent health care professionals in these centres are Bulk Billed.

Managed Health Services

Healius’s large-scale, multi-disciplinary Medical Centres are equipped with treatment areas, nursing support, pathology, radiology.

When is Telehealth Appropriate? Via Telehealth you can consult your doctor to:

  • Manage chronic diseases, including diabetes. The practice nurses can also assist GPs with chronic disease management via Telehealth
  • Obtain mental health advice and support
  • Receive a repeat prescription for known health conditions or contraception.
  • Your prescription can be sent straight to your preferred pharmacy, which may also offer home delivery of your medication.
  • Obtain a referral to a specialist or COVID-19 testing
  • Conduct an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessment
  • Get assistance for a wide range of conditions
  • Access counseling by psychologists and psychiatrists

Many of the centres have an on-site chemist and a range of specialist services including:

  • Dental
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Health
  • Allied Health Services
  • IVF
  • Eye Specialists
  • Skin Clinics

Managed Health Services


Pathology is a medical specialty that focuses on determining the cause and nature of diseases and is integral to the health of all Australians.

In fact, 70% of all medical decisions and 100% of cancer diagnoses rely on a pathology test. Healius’s mission in pathology is to deliver accurate and timely diagnostic services Australia-wide.

Healius’s Pathology division, Specialist Diagnostic Services or SDS, is one of Australia’s leading providers of private medical laboratory and pathology services.

SDS operates over 100 medical laboratories and over 2,200 patient collection centres across metropolitan, regional and remote Australia. Each year, it provides one in every three pathology services in Australia, extending from exclusively servicing some of Australia’s largest and most complex private and public hospitals to small and remote Australian Aboriginal communities.

SDS employs around 280 specialist pathologists and over 7,600 dedicated scientists, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists and team members. SDS offers its medical laboratory and pathology services through a variety of different geographically-based and specialty brands including:

QML Pathology

Founded in the 1920s, QML Pathology is the market leader in Queensland operating over 20 laboratories throughout regional and metropolitan Queensland and more than 500 collection centres across QLD and northern NSW.

Laverty Pathology

Laverty Pathology can trace its origins all the way back to Dr Eva Shipton, one of Australia’s first female pathologists, who opened her clinic in Macquarie St, Sydney in 1928. Today Laverty Pathology is one of Australia’s largest practices with 30 laboratories and more than 700 collection centres servicing metropolitan Sydney, the ACT, and regional NSW.

Dorevitch Pathology

A premier medical laboratory and pathology provider in Victoria, Dorevitch Pathology maintains 33 laboratories and nearly 700 collection centres across the state. In addition, the practice services many of Victoria’s largest public and private hospitals.

Western Diagnostic Pathology

Western Diagnostic Pathology provides specialist expertise to many indigenous communities extending from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands to Arnhem land in Northern Australia and Albany in the south. These practices also service Perth’s largest public and private hospitals as well as practitioners throughout the state.

Genomic Diagnostics

A specialist genomic analysis laboratory with a strong industry presence worldwide, Genomic Diagnostics was the first private laboratory in Australia to offer polymerase chain reaction testing that detected the DNA of viruses, and well as the first to provide next generation sequencing for diagnostic testing. Genomic is currently Australia’s largest non-government diagnostic genetic sequencing facility with the biggest genetically-characterised tissue banks in the country.

Managed Health Services

We also have a number of highly specialised practices dedicated to niche human and veterinary pathology:

  • Abbott Pathology
  • TML Pathology
  • Kossard Dermatopathogists
  • IQ Pathology
  • Gastrolab
  • Vetnostics
  • Vetpath Laboratory Services
  • QML Pathology Vetnostics
  • ASAP Laboratory

Managed Health Services

Health & Co is the brand under which Healius is building a network of established GP practices.

Health & Co is a connected network of engaged health professionals united by the common goal of delivering patient-centred care.

Health & Co partners with independent doctors who want to continue to run their own practices with the benefit of its support. Health & Co helps practice owners to further build their businesses through smarter services and network advantages, including:

  • IT support
  • Marketing team and marketing programs
  • Centralised sourcing ·
  • Finance and administration
  • Property management
  • Human Resources assistance


Prof Kerryn Phelps AM

Owner of Cooper Street Clinic and Bourke Street Clinic

“Joining the Health & Co network has been the right choice for Bourke Street Clinic and Cooper Street Clinic, and for me personally. Partnering with Health & Co has brought compelling advantages for my practices.”

Dr Darren Ng

MBBS (Adelaide), FRACGP, One Care Medical Centre

“Health & Co have been a pleasure to partner with. The transition was smooth and supportive, with no disruptions to the daily operations. They are open and transparent, with excellent lines of communication. I really feel that Health & Co respects the independence of my clinic and is focused on helping us grow to develop the service for the local community.”

Dr Andrew Fahey

MBBS, FRACGP, Graceville Medical Centre

“The Health & Co team took the time to understand my needs as a doctor and found me the best clinic to suit my practice style, life circumstances and professional growth pathway.”

Eilidh Kennedy

Practice Manager, Cremorne

“Having recently transitioned to Health & Co, we’ve already benefitted from additional support in areas including GP recruitment, marketing, finance and IT. As part of the Health & Co network, I’m confident that the practice will continue to grow and thrive.”

Tricia Callegar

Practice Manager

“I was a new Practice Manager who commenced just prior to the acquisition, so the external support I received from Fiona and the Health & Co team was paramount. It was business as usual – no changes to the staff, the same ethos and culture. Behind the scenes, policies, protocols and HR requirements are streamlined which benefits staff, doctors and patients.”

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Managed Health Services

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