Medical Alert Bracelets Saves Lifes

Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical ID’s are extremely useful when a medical crises happens.

If you or your family suffer from chronic conditions, then a medical alert could save you life. I have used these in the past when my son (who has a chronic illness) travels away from home. The give me comfort that he will get help if needed and his medical detail are there on the spot for any emergency situation.

The justification for wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet ID is the following ailments, illness and conditions:

  • Reactions to food, to medications or to insects.
  • Pulmonary disorders (Asthma / COPD) kidney dysfunction (angina, arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, pacemakers).
  • Blood diseases, diabetes.
  • Impairment of Alzheimer’s / Memory loss
  • Medical diseases such as diabetes,
  • Heart attack,
  • Cardiovascular disease and
  • Seizures, etc.

Medical ID bracelets are intended to provide EMT details about the specific medical and allergie diagnosis or medicine which you are taking in case of emergencies at the moment that they are on an emergencies. Specifically, make sure you have any symptoms which may render the family unable to speak with the emergency services (e.g. epilepsy disorder) and/or could be lethal.

Four pieces of information are typically included in a medical ID alert ring. The information is identified or impaired, allergies (if applicable), identity of the patient and contact with an ambulance. Such items are also not required, such as the address of the patient (unless they have dementia) and social security numbers.

What kind of medical ID are EMTs and paramedics most popular?

If it is recommended that a personal ID should be used for medical emergencies, there are many options to choose from. Many emergency staff are qualified to read personal ID’s such as a necklace or bracelet.

medical alert bracelet

Which is the perfect identification badge for you?

The Key2Life sport watch is one that I have identified as the most detailed medical identity item with its total capacity as 3,75 GB of data. This is probably one of the most comfortable bracelets available.

A medical alert ID such as the Keytolife is usually tailor made for you and is linked to an emergency alarm.

It can also be a medical warning system if you see any necklace, bracelet, or pendant with the medical mark.

If you have a disease and in case you have a medical emergency or, you are required to wear a Med ID in of an emergency, then your doctor can be notified.


Monthly costs vary from $29.95 and $89.85.

The monthly costs of Alert1 vary from one business to the next based on our monthly rates.

Medical alert systems are wearable devices that call for help at the press of a button. They provide the user with a safety net, particularly when they live alone, allowing them to age in place longer. The mobile medical alert system can save your life.

Many medical alert bracelets and necklaces have a white red cross symbol.

This is the logo of the International Committee of the Red Cross and is the symbol adopted at the 1864 Geneva Convention, which was used most of the time in order to protect medical vehicles and buildings against any military attack in a conflict.

The Greek God of Medicine Asclepius wore a single rod, which from the fifth century BC became a medical symbol. A further serpent, known as the caduceus, was taken by the gods messenger Hermes (the Roman god Mercury).

The MedicAlert Foundation

The MedicAlert Foundation is another organisation based in Turlock, California, that has no non-profit status since 1956. In the case of an emergencies, it maintains a database containing the personal records of its members.

Leaders supply the company with vital medical evidence and get a distinctive metal cuff or collar tag that is still worn. First responders such as emergency care personnel or law enforcement agents may use it to provide access to the history of the carriers and of specific medical needs.

The name MedicAlert can either be interpreted as two distinct words “medical alert” or as a mixed form of “medical alert.”

MedicAlert IDs also aim to emulate standard jewellers (e.g. braceles, necklaces, Identification cards, etc.) by incorporating the distinctive MedicAlert gravure symbol.

Customized jewellery includes, on the opposite side and vital medical information and a customised identification number for pharmaceutical items, the words “Hospital Alert” and Asclepius, the common sign for the medical practitioner.

Medical personnel can call the MedicAlert Emergency Hotline 24-hour and have an ID number on the back of the ID to obtain more information on the membership.

Medical conditions of the user are reviewed and prioritised by professionally qualified specialist or general practioner in order to diagnose the patient by an emergency health care provider. In order to transfer the prioritised illness or condition into the members symbol and the wallet key, MedicAlert provides more specific information ready to be communicated during an emergency.

The two main MedicAlert IDs are bracelets and necklaces while the IDs change depending on country and availability, the first of which is the most popular. MedicAlert has partnered with Citizen View Co. to provide the Citizen Watch Co with a variety of watches. Custom-made engraving and MedicAlert logo Eco-Drive watch.

In the 1980s, health firms including The Epilepsy Foundation and The American Diabetes Association were founded and eventually formed alliances with MedicAlert.

Medical problems and information, include but not limited to allergies (food, chemicals, insects), and illnesses such as alzheimer, asthma, autism, diabetes epilepsy disorder, hemophilia, cardiac failure could be stored in mobile devices such as bracelets and necklaces.

Furthermore, MedicAlert Associations allow organ donation guidelines to be submitted on the IDs.

Additional instructions about the course of action for caregivers or emergency services where the patient is not able to obtain informed consent due to a disability of illness can also be stored on medical alert jewellery.

MedicAlert must normally be able to comply, in the USA, with the signed advance orders, that are available when contacting MedicAlert to first responders and medical staff. A common instruction like “Do not resuscitate (DNR)” that states that a patient is not to be revived when he / she is suffering from cardiac or respiratory arrest.

medical alert bracelet

Anyone in every age with a chronic disorder, allergy of drugs or even an indication with a normal or emergency medical case such as: medical disease – diabetes, autism, obesity, cardiac attack, etc. Allergies – eg food or medicine such as penicillin, peanuts, etc.

Traveler, Children and Elderly Identification.

When you and your loved ones do not speak because of language differences, misunderstandings, fear or confusion providing immediate access to vital names and contact numbers, MedicAlert ® can “speak” for you.

MedicAlert armband & donor organ passport recognize your personal ailments immediately.

5 Of The Best Medical Alert Smart Watches are;

1. Apple Watch 5 and up

2. Freedom Guardian

3. MobileHelp Smart

4. HeartGuide

5. Galaxy Watch Active2 4G

Specifiations and prices can be obtained from Phone Bot Australia.


Medical ID bracelets are intended to provide EMT details about the specific medical, allergies or medicine which you are taking in case of emergencies at the moment that they have an emergency.




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  1. Jennifer, Thank you for this article about medical bracelets saves lives. I often wonder why more people don’t wear a medical bracelet. As you point out in this article they are extremely beneficial for some people. They can absolutely be a life saver. Thank you for showing the ones that are popular with EMTs and paramedics. 

  2. Hi. Can you tell me what size memory does a basic medical bracelet contain?  I currently have four diseases along with some allergies and a very specific DNR that I would like followed if the situation is to occur. I would also like to include my blood type and all of my many medications and supplements taken daily.  I have too much information to be included on the old fashioned engraved bracelet.  I also wonder if any are covered either partially or completely by Medicare. I know they cover the push button kind of alert, that is just to summon someone though. I also wonder what you mean by professionally trained professionals. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comments. The medical alert have flash drives of up to 2GB, watches up to 32GB. Professionally trained means a registered GP, medic or emergency services. Thanks Jen

  3. I had no idea that Medical Alert Bracelets have come this far. I am old school and just familiar with the bracelet that you wear alerts the medic to an allergy – like to penicillin.  Wow, have they ever come a long way in providing extensive information about the patient.  I really like the Key2Life sport watch option – they include a watch (which I wear all the time anyway) with the alert.  I was interested in it – but when I clicked on the link, I couldn’t get the information about it.   I did look it up on Google, though and I really liked all the options that were offered. I can now make an excuse to buy a new bracelet and a watch since they include the medic alert. J/K. Sort of.  I think these bracelets are important and had no idea they were available. I live out in the country and often go walking with my dog. The other day I realized I had no identification on me – so if anything had happened, they would not have known who I was. With the medic alert, I can have that information on me wherever I am without having to think about grabbing my ID.  Thanks for the information.  It is really cool and gives me peace of mind since I am going to get one!!!!  

    • Hi Janice, thank you for your comments. The medic alerts these days are getting very sophisticated with memory capacities up to 32GB with the watches and 2GB with bracelets and necklaces. So they can carry quite a lot of data. I will go and fix that link. Thanks for that Jen

  4. In futher discussion, A medical alert bracelet is a small emblem or tag worn on a bracelet, neck chain, or on the clothing bearing a message that the wearer has an important medical condition that might require immediate attention. The tag is often made out of stainless steel or sterling silver….
    Hope with this the article will prove more meaningful to you as you read through…

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  6. Helooo a big thanks to you for sharing thia informative and insightful post on medical alert bracelets. I actually stumbled upon your site which I must say is very interesting. This site now fillled with quality and useful content. Anyways I think this medical alert bracelets are really nice and I will recommend this to a family friend who’s currently undergoing na serious ailment I think this bracelet will help in case if emergency. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Medical alert bracelet are very useful bracelets that can be a medical warning system. It is intended to provide EMT details about the specific medical and allergie diagnosis or medicine which you are taking in case of emergencies at the moment that they are on an emergencies. It is very useful to any sick patient.

    thanks for sharing this with me.


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