Prepared Meals Delivered Home

Prepared Meals Delivered Home

When you are recovering from illness or have a disability that prevents you from shopping, there are healthy meal options.

I have discovered a dynamic company called Youfoodz.

Youfoodz is a home delivery service in major metropolitan areas throughout Australia.

Youfoodz also stocks great nutritional meals in many stores including IGA and major supermarkets like  Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.

Nutrition is essential to your recovery and Youfoodz serves you well in that way.

If you wish to find out more about home care please read 4 Key Factors For Home Health Care Services.

Prepared Meals Delivered Home

There are so many fade diet, it become quite an exercise to find what’s right for you, your body, you likes and dislikes.

Youfoodz offer nutritional meals for busy people and for weight loss.

Youfoodz started in Australia in 2012. From it’s inception, the emphasis was creating prepackaged meals that were nutritous and healthy.  The fresh ready made meals can also include healthy snack and drinks. The company now has over 3000 stockists and continues to deliver at homes in major metropolitan areas in Australia.

If you are wondering how does the food stay fresh, then you can relax, as the company sources local fresh produce. The food is cooked packaged and delivered straight to your door.

The food is vaccum sealed via “Modified Atmosphere Packaging” system which removes oxygen from the meals allowing the food to stay fresh. Meal expiry is  inclusive of the day of delivery.

Only the ready to eat meals can be frozen for up to 3 months. It is recommended not to freeze the fish or salad meals.

There are vegetarian prepared meals delivered home  too.

If you are ever unhappy with the service you can compain through the online form.  The company takes pride and the utmost care when it comes to safety with food and health. From personal hygiene for food handling to packaging and delivery, the company’s safety standards at maintianed.

Youfoodz commit to taking your complaints seriously.

Unfortunaley, the company does not do custum made meals, due to the large volume of production.

However, one great feature of this service is that packaging is 100% recyclable including meal sleeves, snack packaging and drink containers.

Prepared Meals Delivered Home

More recently Youfoodz is marketing and catering for larger meals. They usually take about 2 minutes to heat.

Another service that YouFoodz offers is Grocery Essentials.

This program offers seasonal selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. This is subject to change without notification so they can provide the highest quality produce.

Meat, dairy and egg product are Australian made. However some fruit may be imported if not supplied in Australia.

Minimum Oders are $49.

If you wish to order head straight to the menu page at their website, select what you like on the menu. Then you just can head to the online checkout to complete the order.

The company currently takes Credit Cards, Afterpay, Zip and Paypal.

You can set up recurring orders and you do not have to even sign a contract.

The Weight Loss Refresh program has been successful since inception.  Its not a diet, challenge or cleanse. These meals are potioned controlled and made simple with fresh, delicious and convenient meals under 350 calories per meal. There is is no lock in contract. You can order each week or set up a recurring order for week, fortnighly or monthly deliveries.

The company has a motto “Best meals delivered or its free”.Prepared Meals Delivered Home

Youfoodz has been crowned Australia’s #1 Healthy Meal Delivery Service from Canstar Blue + Australia’s Best Food Delivery Service from ProductReview 3 YEARS in a row!

Forget frozen – Youfoodz uses nothing but fresh-picked produce & top-quality protein for our ready-to-eat classics, next day delivery for metro areas, fresh sandwiches & more.

Youfoodz offers variety as well via an ever-changing menu of 100+ meals, snacks & juices can be delivered to your door or found at ~3000 stockists Australia-wide, including Coles, Aldi, Drakes, IGA, Night Owl, BP, FoodWorks, Good Life & so many more.

Nutrition and Mental Health

In the past, research on dietary nutrition was often focused on adults and mental health.

We recognise that adequate eating is related to improved mental health effects, whereas a bad diet highly likely lead to a depressed mood and anxiety.

Emerging studies focused on children and young people has, however, also established a link between deficient diets and suicide. Regional Australia has some of the highest rates of youth suicide in the world.  It also has low socio economic levels and significant social problem.

Lets look at dietry requirements for children and mental health.

Poor nutrition can lead to;

  • poor concerntration and memory
  • low mood
  • hyperactivity and agressive behaviour

Mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, are associated with nutrient deficiencies (we know that fruits or vegetables , grains, fish, lean red meats and olive oils are rich in important nutrients, including folate, magnesium, vitamins and zinc, all of which influence body and brains and mood regulations).

Dietary choices is not always a option. Sometimes there is not enough food for many Australian households due to issues like joblessness and hunger. Food deprivation can cause lower academic success, stress, depression , anxiety, violence and conflicts with other people. Insecurity of food can contribute to eating disorders.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that we all increase our intake of fruit and vegetables and reduce foods high in sugar, salt and fat.

However, changing lifestyles and increased access to processed foods mean many children and young people fail to meet these recommendations. Less than 1% of children and young people aged two to 18 years consume the recommended amount of vegetables each day.

Here are some references for further reading on this topic.

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Safe Medical Home Phone Service For Psychotherapy.

Home Phone Service

What are the differences between home phone service and face-to-face psychological therapy?

Many of us have been self isolated due to the 2020 Pandemic. This has impact the use of medical practitioners changing the way they operated. They have turned to online consultations rather than face to face contact and possible infection. Its important to know whether the standard is monitored and are there implications for the patient when seeking out psychological therapies. If you are uncomfortable with the change please discuss it with your practitioner so that as soon as social isolating rules are lifted you can return to face to face contact.

Based on the findings of this study, there is no empirical evidence to support assumptions that home phone service, specifically its lack of visual and physical co-presence, is counterproductive to alliance creation.

The clear result is that partnership is similarly valued across types by clinicians, patients, or third-party raters. Similarly, the analysis found no evidence that empathy, attentiveness, or engagement suffered from home phone service or contact.

Patient-rated analyses of different factors in the development of a therapeutic partnership show that while eye contact is considered one of the most important individual factors, non-verbal movements and body language as a whole are considered substantially less important than therapist confirmation of patient experience (Bedi, 2006; Bedi and Duff, 2014).

Standards for Home Phone Service

home phone service
Home Phone Service

Validation requires therapeutic acts such as normalising the patient’s experience, presenting it as rational or understandable, recognising and expressing backward emotions, paraphrasing, agreeing, and making positive remarks; importantly, none of these depend on visual co-presence.

Other studies suggest that the ‘mission’ aspect of the marital relationship can be magnified in telephone therapy and can compensate for any decrease in (traditionally conceptualized) ‘bond.’ In addition, Lingley-Pottie and McGrath (2007) propose to develop a framework on the telephone with visual anonymity as an alternative, special and beneficial aspect of therapeutic partnership.

We only found evidence of a mode-related variation in the length of sessions, with telephone sessions reliably and substantially shorter than those held face-to-face. “If clients make an effort to see the counsellor in person, both the client and the counsellor and stick to the traditional, hour-long counselling session. However, since the home phone services have never been correlated with standard length of time, counsellor and client the end the session at what they feel is their normal ending “(Stephenson et al., 2003, p.31).

Nevertheless, it remains an untested issue whether this frequently observed shorter period is a beneficial or efficient consequence of more concise telephone contact and timekeeping, or rather results from some kind of interactional difficulty that leads to foreshortened encounters.

Impact On The Consultant in Home Phone Service

home phone service
Home Phone Service

According to the current evidence base, the telephone mode does not apparently make a difference to anything except the duration of patient contacts. However, effecting a change in practice requires more than simply informing practitioners of this evidence base. Indeed, in our consultation with the Lived Experience Advisory Panel, it was highlighted that perceptions can be extremely influential and persist even in the absence of evidence. We know that more nuanced forms of intervention are required to effect change in practitioner attitudes and behaviours, and that barriers to change lie not only at the individual or interpersonal level, but also at the systems level (Bee et al., 2016).

As emphasised in consultation with the EQUITy Lived Experience panel, patient choice and preference must remain at the heart of service provision.

Studies Covered

Home Phone service
Home Phone Service

Finally, we note that the 15 included studies used a range of different therapeutic modalities (e.g. CBT, counselling, Solution-Focused Therapy) and varied in the of type and severity of mental health problem. It is possible that the effect of the telephone is different in each of these therapy contexts, depending on, for example, the extent to which treatment follows a guided self-help vs. interpersonal model, and the nature of mental health symptomatology being addressed. Amongst the existing body of comparative literature identified here, we note the predominance of depression and broadly specified (subthreshold) psychological difficulties.  Lastly, effects may be influenced by therapist allegiance with modality, therapist expertise and patient preference. These factors will all be important to explore in future research.


This review was based on only a small number of heterogeneous studies, a number of which used non-randomised, opportunity samples and did not use validated measures to assess the constructs under investigation. Some studies developed their own ratings scales, and there was inconsistency in the conceptualisation of some of the constructs of interest. Moreover, a range of different therapeutic modalities were used across the included studies, and samples included both clinically diagnosed and non-clinical populations.

Due to our specific focus on situated comparative studies, we excluded several non-comparative qualitative and interactional studies that make an important contribution to this area of understanding. Hence, whilst the present paper offers a unique analysis of directly compared interactional features, we recognize that this approach provides only one part of the knowledge that is required in order to address resistance and barriers to uptake of telephone psychological therapy. We also acknowledge that this paper has not addressed online modes of therapy, which are growing exponentially alongside the continued use of the telephone. Yet, the telephone is frequently used as an adjunct to support online therapies and so arguably has significance to the spectrum of distance therapeutic modes.


At a time when demand for mental health services is high, we need more efficient service models and systems that overcome the barriers posed by patient illness and competing responsibilities. The home phone service is a convenient, reliable and virtually universal communication channel. Yet despite evidence of comparable clinical outcomes, adoption amongst services is challenged by practitioner ambivalence, embedded views and systems that favour face-to-face (Bee et al., 2016).

Reviews identified only a small and heterogeneous group of studies on interactional difference in telephone and face-to-face therapies, limiting the strength of any conclusions that can be drawn at this stage. However, the available evidence does suggest a lack of support for arguments that the telephone has a detrimental effect on interactional aspects of psychological therapy.

All content found on our website, including images, infographics and text were created solely for informational purposes. Our content should never be used for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Content shared on our websites is not meant to be used as a substitute for advice from a certified medical professional. 

Need A Doctor Quick?

Instant Doctor

Instant Consult provides you with the ability to have a health consultation with an Australian registered, fully qualified and experienced Doctor via video call, anywhere in Australia. We provide a platform for affordable and effective health Consultations, supplementing the traditional health care system. The ultimate benefit of Instant Consult is the convenience to patients. No need to book an appointment – simply “Request a Consult” and the first available Doctor will connect with you instantly.

When clinically appropriate, our doctors can issue you with a bulk-billed* COVID-19 swab test referral, which can then be emailed or printed and presented at your local dedicated collection centre. Prior to visiting, you must call ahead to ensure you take the necessary precautions before your arrival; and to ensure the pathology centre is taking COVID-19 swab tests, as not all all collection centres are testing for coronavirus. *you must have a valid Medicare Card*.

The Doctors specialise in 

  • Medical Certificates, 
  • Prescriptions (including Repeats), 
  • Specialist Referrals, 
  • Pathology Requests and 
  • Radiology Requests. 


You can also speak to our Doctors for just about any general medical issue, including cold and flu, sore throat, sexual health, diarrhoea, vomiting and more. Suitable medical consultations can be effectively managed online via video call. Using Instant Consult takes pressure off medical practices as well as after hour hospital visits, letting your local doctors and nurses focus on physical examination and genuine emergency care.

The consults are charged according to the duration of the consult – not what medical documents are issued to you. Just like any consultation if you were to visit a local medical clinic, we cannot guarantee what medical documents the doctor will issue you. You will have to have a consultation where the doctor will ask about your health history, symptoms and any other details required, so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not the consult will result in a medical document being supplied.


A doctor can issue you with a Medical Certificate when clinically appropriate. These Medical Certificates are predominately used for workplace or university personal leave. The certificate will be available in your Instant Consult Inbox immediately following your consultation, which can be saved to your device or forwarded to an email address, which is where you can forward this onto relevant personnel (place of work, school etc.). The Medical Certificate will remain in your Instant Consult Inbox until you choose to delete it.

Doctors do not backdate Medical Certificates and will rarely issue a Medical Certificate covering more than 3 days. The details issued on the Medical Certificate is up to the doctor and what they deem suitable during consultation.

If you require a ‘Fit for Work’ Certificate, Centrelink Certificate, University Form completed, Work Cover or Gym Cancellation Certificate – you will need to present to a GP in-person to undergo a physical examination and will not be able to use the Instant Consult service for these types of medical documents.

Yes, a doctor can issue you with a Specialist Referral, Pathology/Blood Test Request or Radiology/X-Ray Request, when clinically appropriate.

Specialist Referrals enables you to receive a Medicare rebate on your specialist appointment*. Pathology and Radiology Requests entitles you to tests which may be bulk-billed by Medicare*.

*you must have a valid Medicare Card

The Referral will be available in your Instant Consult Inbox immediately following your consultation, which can be saved to your device or forwarded to an email address. You can print the Referral and take it to your preferred Specialist, Pathology or Imaging Centre, or you can email direct to their administrator. The Referral/Request will remain in your Instant Consult Inbox until you choose to delete it.


Results for pathology and imaging are sent directly back to our clinic, where we will notify you when to request a consult to discuss the results with the requesting doctor. If you have not been notified that your results have been received within 3 business days from your test date, please contact our support team.

Alternatively, during your initial consult you can request for your results to be sent to your usual family practice where you can discuss your results with your regular GP.

Instant Consult consultations are not covered by Medicare. We have kept our pricing as low as possible to ensure we offer an affordable solution for our users. We are a private billing service and hence the Coronavirus COVID-19 Telehealth MBS Item currently available through Medicare cannot be claimed through Instant Consult.

Need more information? Talk to a member of our support team by emailing or calling 1300 003 310.

The aim is to have a doctor available on demand day and night, 7 days a week, however this is not always practicable. Please note the availability of doctors may vary, and we are constantly keeping track of balancing numbers of consult requests vs. number of doctors available for a consultation. If you are not immediately connected to a doctor, you will join a queue until the next available doctor connects to you.

You can view if doctors are online and the current average wait time on the homepage of Instant Consult once you login. If you request a consult when no doctors are online, you will join a queue and wait to be connected with a doctor when one comes online, or be asked to request a consult at another time.

Instant Consult can be used with your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser on any type of Windows PC, macOS and Android Tablet when logging in through the URL

Instant Consult iOS App is compatible on iPhones and iPads. You cannot login to Instant Consult through a web browser on an iOS device, so you must download the Instant Consult App if you want to use it on your iPhone or iPad.

Instant Consult Android App is compatible on Android Phones only. You cannot login to Instant Consult through a web browser on an Android Phone, so you must download the Instant Consult App if you want to use it on your Android Phone. If you want to use Instant Consult on your Android Tablet, please login through a Google Chrome web browser on your tablet.

You will need a camera and speakers connected/installed on your device, and access to either a WiFi connection or a mobile data connection.

Do you need to speak to an online doctor today?

No need to book an online doctor appointment, our web doctors can connect with you instantly.

Speak to a Dr online for Medical Certificates, Prescriptions, Referrals, Pathology Requests and Radiology Requests.

You will be connected with the first available online doctor in Australia for your health consultation.