5 Goals For Better Mental Health

With the support of your doctor or naturopath, better mental health can be achieved. You can develop strategies to help you feel in control of your situation. Stress does not discriminate on age or gender, with both men and women of any’ age feeling the effects of stress at some time or another.

However, what is stressful for one person may not be’stressful for another, as everybody reacts to stress in different ways. In fact, stress can be so ingrained’ in your daily life, that it may feel ‘normal’. Nevertheless, it is important not to underestimate the impact that stress may have on your physical and mental well being.

Working with a Natural Healthcare Practitioner who understands the effects of stress, and who can identify and provide strategies for your specific needs, will help you increase your tolerance to stress and reduce its impact on your body and mind.

better mental health

Setting Goals to Improve Mental Wellbeing

Setting goals gives life direction, boosts motivation and increases self-confidence. Goals, whether big or small, set to be achieved in a week or a year, are significant signposts on your way to health and well being. That said, goals should be set to give you the greatest chance of success.

Your Practitioner may have a system to help you set some weekly personal goals. Alternately, you and your Practitioner can use the tips below to formulate some achievable goals that will help you to reduce the impact of stress on your well being. Once agreed upon, write these in a Personal Wellbeing Journal.

better mental health

A commonly used goal-setting method uses the ‘SMART’ approach:

  • Firstly, find you’re ‘why’– why do you want to achieve your goal? Then ask yourself What? Where, When, Who, Which. Detailed specific goals are more likely to be achieved. Your goal and so know you have achieved it?
  • Measurable: Make your measurement something you can write down each day in your journal to track your progress.
  • Attainable: Once you identify what is important to you, consider what your challenges might you find? How will you overcome them? Do not shrink your goal to accommodate your attitudes. Aim to grow and expand your attitudes and beliefs to achieve your goal.
  • Realistic: Goals Need To Be Realistic. Be sure you are both willing and able to achieve your goal, even if it will take time.
  • Timely

What Does Stress Feel Like to You? The Many Faces of Stress

Stress can manifest in many ways and is different for each individual. You may identify with one or a combination of these different presentations.

Nervous tension and anxiety: Frequent and persistent tension and anxiety may manifest as excessive fear and worry, restlessness, tightening of the chest, racing heartbeat, and in extreme cases panic attacks. This negatively impacts the quality of life and normal day-to-day functioning.

Wired and tired: When stress is ongoing, your brain may perceive this as an ongoing threat, mounting a stress response to keep you alert or ‘wired’. This can reduce your ability to relax and wind-down, resulting in feeling not only wired but tired too – a sensation of being unable to switch-off in spite of being exhausted.

Exhausted and flat: In some individuals, exposure to ongoing stress may physically change the way their brain is able to respond. In these circumstances, the person is left feeling both physically and mentally exhausted, affecting performance at work and in everyday life.

Low mood: Ongoing stress can lead to structural changes to brain tissues, changing the way the brain functions. This can affect the activity of brain chemicals leading to feelings of poor mood.

Emotional: In many people, the effects of ongoing stress impacts their resilience. This may manifest as feelings of overwhelm, vulnerability, and lead to teary, weepy moments.

Insomnia: Stress can negatively impact sleep quality and quantity. This may manifest as an inability to unwind and fall asleep due to ruminating thoughts about your day, frequent waking, and/or feeling unrefreshed upon waking.

What Drives Stress?

Stress acts to motivate and sharpen your focus in situations where immediate action is required. The greater the intensity or urgency of the situation, the greater your stress response will be. For example, if you are faced with danger, your body switches on your acute stress response (also called the ‘flight or fight’ response) to give you a burst of energy and to help you deal with the danger by either running away or fighting back.

However, in the modern world, with emotional triggers seemingly around every corner, many people are faced with ongoing stressors, such as work deadlines, being stuck in traffic, endless emails, and negative news stories. In response to stress, your body releases the hormone cortisol – a chemical that allows you to stay in an active, attentive state for long periods of time in order to handle the stress at hand.

Chronic stress strongly affects every system in your body, with ongoing or poorly managed stress increasing the risk of experiencing potential health consequences.

better mental health

Stress may affect:

  • Mental well being and mood
  • Sleeping patterns (e.g. your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep)
  • Energy levels
  • Digestive function
  • Cardiovascular function, such as your heart rate and blood pressure; and
  • Reproductive hormones

It is important to manage your stressors in addition to your physical response to stressful situations in order to ensure balance and health are maintained.

Everyone is unique in how they respond to snd experience stress. Your practitioner will help you to identify the causes of your stress. but also the impact stress may be having on you physically and/or mentally that may not be obvious. This may include;

  1. Inflammation and infection
  2. Oxidative Stress  – stress can destroy brain cells.
  3. Gut disturbances
  4. Weight Management
  5. Poor Sleep

Your doctor can assess and prioritize all the above stress contributors and may recommend nutritional and herbal support, detoxification and weight management programs, diet, and lifestyle intervention specific to your needs.

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Fight Symptoms of Sinus Infections

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Fight Symptoms of Sinus Infections With Superior Vitamins

Acute sinusitis and symptoms of sinus infection can be triggered by a cold or allergies and may resolve on its own.

Chronic sinusitis lasts up to eight weeks and may be caused by an infection or growths.

It is important to seek medical advice should symptoms continue.

Attendance at your job with a sinus infection and fever is not recommended. 

The symptoms of sinus infection may be a sign of something more contagious, as it isn’t very common with a sinus infection alone. 

If you’re suffering from a fever, stay home to recover and seek medical advice.


signs of sinus infection
signs of sinus infection

Picture of the Sinuses include;

  • Your cheekbones hold your maxillary sinuses (the largest).
  • The low-center of your forehead is where your frontal sinuses are located.
  • Between your eyes are your ethmoid sinuses.
  • In bones behind your nose are your sphenoid sinuses.

The paranasal sinuses are air-filled extensions of the respiratory part of the nasal cavity. There are four paired sinuses, named according to the bone in which they are located; maxillary, frontal, sphenoid and ethmoid. The function of the sinuses is not clear. It is thought that they may contribute to the  humidifying  of the inspired air.

Symptoms of Sinus Infections include;

  • Blocked nose, causing discomfort
  • Thick nasal discharge
  • General irritation of nasal breathing
  • Headache pain (the expressions “pressure migraine” or “stuffy head” might be utilized)
  • The ears may likewise feel blocked, and might be painful , or hearing might be contorted
  • Fatigue
  • Post-nasal drip.
  • Cough
  • Nasal discharge may smell. generally yellow-green in color
  • Toothache
  • Fever or chill may occur
  • Numerous individuals who are influenced by sinusitis likewise experience asthma


The sinuses and nasal entries are air-filled and contain light bodily fluid, which is created by the body to trap breathed in particles and dust. The bodily fluid is pushed out through little openings that fill in as waste entries to the rear of the nose and throat. The bodily fluid is then swallowed.

Anything that causes the mucous films covering the sinuses to expand may prompt disease by inhibiting the body’s way of emptying particles and dust from the body.

For instance, one basic reason for sinusitis is an upper respiratory tract contamination, for example, the basic virus. The sinusitis might be because of the cool air, or might be an auxiliary bacterial contamination that creates as an outcome of the trapped particle or bacteria. Thin seepage entries from the sinuses, a digressed septum and polyps or tumors can likewise deter waste from the sinuses.

Nasal blockage because of different variables (for example sensitivity) likewise expands vulnerability to bacterial sinus contamination.

Aggravation of the sinuses likewise causes an increase in nasal discharge. For instance, a few people experience sinusitis as an outcome of being around smoke, dust parasites or other breathed in aggravations.

Different variables that may add to sinusitis include fever, food sensitivity, and dental hygiene.

Diet and way of life – Reduce Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Sinus infections can be painful and if pain persists professional medical advice should be sought.

Improved waste and brisk control of any disease present are the fundamental points of treatment. To help channel bodily fluid a course of salt-water nasal drops or shower might be valuable.

The utilization of a humidifier is prescribed for a thin nasal discharge and cough. On the other hand, fill your bathroom sink with heated water, and afterward take in the steam while leaning over the sink with a towel over your head to shield the steam from getting away. Be mindful so as not to put your face into or near hot water

Eat heaps of plant based products, especially that boost nutrient C and bioflavonoids, for example, citrus, capsicum and pineapple. Simultaneously, it is recommended patients with sinusitis keep away from dairy nourishment as they accept they increment the body’s bodily fluid creation.

Drink lots of fluids – filtered water, vegetable and natural product juices, soups and home grown teas.

Tobacco smoke and other breathed in aggravations may add to sinus issues. Smokers ought to consider taking a nutrient C supplement to diminish the impacts of the smoke on the resistant framework.

Anti-toxins are regularly endorsed for bacterial sinus diseases, however may upset the well disposed microorganisms that live in the gut. Taking a probiotic supplement containing Lactobacillus reuteri serves to rebalance the gastrointestinal greenery after anti-infection use.

Rest in an all around ventilated room that is spotless and liberated from potential allergens, for example, pet hair, dust bugs, quills and shape. Uncommon low-sensitivity bedding and cleaning items may should be utilized.

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Symptoms of Sinus Infection
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Important Warning (Symptoms of Sinus Infection)

See your medicinal services proficient if the condition is related with serious torment or rotten bodily fluid – you may have a fundamental disease.

It is likewise critical to talk with your social insurance proficient if side effects continue for longer than seven days, or repeat every now and again.

What Is Nutritional Value With Blackmores.

What is Nutritional Value

What is Nutritional Value with Blackmores?

On February the 6th 2020 the Financial Review  reported;

We are seeing an increase in demand for immunity products and vitamins online across many of our Asian markets,” a Blackmore’s spokesman said. “In Australia, the decline in tourists from China has impacted sales”. Online trading remains strong.

It comes as new Blackmore’s chief executive Alastair Symington continues to make a raft of executive changes as he puts his stamp on the group. Blackmores’ director of portfolio strategy, Aaron Canning, who was replaced as a chief financial officer in December and shifted to the new role, is leaving the company. BKL – Blackmores – shares trading at $64.66 and will be affected by the decrease in the All Ord Index.

What Is Nutritional Value
Launch of “Help Stop The Spread”

Background – What is Nutritional Value?

Blackmores was established by visionary naturopath Maurice Blackmore in 1932. It is a publicly listed company on the Australian stock exchange. It has stood the test of time.

The business has been a driving force in the wellbeing movement in Australia by advocating innovative products and information to help improve individuals’ lives each day. Proof based scope of brands incorporates Blackmores – (2019 Annual Report)

  • BioCeuticals- Australia’s No 1 Brand.
  • Impromy – A pharmacy based executives program created in joint effort with CSIRO.
  • Fusion Health.
  • Oriental Botanicals – Australia’s driving suppliers of Chinese natural medication.
  • IsoWhey weight management system and products
  • Pure Animal Wellbeing – regular wellbeing items for pets.

The Blackmores Institute is the research and development arm of Blackmores, built up with a dream to improve and advance the quality, utilization  and characteristic of medication.

At the Blackmores Group they do not skimp on quality with vitamins online. The company continually sets its sights on the wellbeing and security of the customers at the heart of the daily business. The company benchmarks its product internationally to help stay as a leader in its field of expertise.

Knowing that you can’t have healthy individuals without a healthy planet, the company is unequivocally dedicated to applying environmentally acceptable policies and procedures.

The Blackmores Group head office is situated on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with a regional office in situated in Singapore.

Vitamins Online
Vitamins Online

The company’s Values are;

  1. Passion for Natural Health
  2. Integrity
  3. Respect
  4. Leadership
  5. Social Responsibility

The companies four strategic priorities are;

  1. Consumer Connectedness
  2. Innovation & Expertise
  3. Global Advantage
  4. People & Performance

Financial Stability

As at 31st October 2019, the company posted a profit of $55 Million, $610 Million in Revenue and produced 4.8 billion tablets and caplets from 142 different products for the 2018/2019 Tax period..

The company’s key achievements in the financial year ending 2019 are (Source: Blackmores Annual Report 2019);

  • Blackmores is the #1 vitamin and supplement brand in Australia,Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.
  • Blackmores voted most trusted vitamin and supplement brand in Australia (11 years running),
    Malaysia (7 years running) and Singapore (5 years running).
  • Compared to last year, 250,000 more people are buying Blackmores in Australia.
  • ‘Begin Better Every Day’ regional consumer marketing campaign rolled out across Asia markets.
  • FX Medicine Podcasts downloaded 1.6 million times in 133 countries, leading conversations
    about the latest in evidence-based and functional medicine.
  • 70,000 consumer and practitioner health enquiries responded to by our Advisory and
    Technical Services teams.
  • 29.5 million social connections with motivated, health conscious Australians to #BeAWellbeing.
  • Artificial intelligence used to personalise send times for digital communications, so individuals receive
    emails when they are most likely to open them.
  • Key sporting events sponsored in Australia and Asia including the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival,
    Fusion Health Byron Bay Lighthouse Run, Run for a Reason WA, and Run & Move Thailand.
  • Pure Animal Well-being digital footprint strengthened with 280,000 new website visitors.


Research and Development

The company has an unfaltering duty to Research and Development. The Blackmores Institute is without competitors in the business. With an emphasis on research and training, the Institute’s group of scientists, academics, medicinal services experts and instructors offers commonsense, social commitment and training. This separates the company from its rivals. It allows the company to better connect with governments and academic establishments. What’s more, it fortifies the company as a pioneer for the wellbeing of every Australian.

In 2020 the company will commence the procurement of our its own manufacturing office in Braeside, Victoria. It will give the company more prominent command over its products and will essentially upgrade innovative work arrangements. It will likewise furnish us with more security over the manufacturing process.

Customer Focus

The company was increasing China business through increased engagement with the cross border e-commerce platforms and establishing stronger connections with our customers in China.  With the outbreak of the virus in 2020 I do believe the company will be rethinking its strategies towards customer focus.

The Chinese strategy was delivering higher margins than sales to customers through domestic Australian retailers. While some companies fear regulatory change both in Australia and abroad, Blackmores approach is to embrace it. Time will tell how this will continue in the near future.

Environmentally Friendly Company (As per Annual report 2019)

  • The company completed a 2°C Scenario Workshop to inform its employees of a  climate change risk assessment.
  • Published ‘Sustainable Nutrition’, a Blackmores Institute scientific literature review to understand the impact of
    climate change on what is nutritional value and natural medicine.
  •  Adopted a Clean Energy Strategy to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce the intensity of our
    emissions by 20% by 2030.
  • Implemented an Environmental Management System modeled on ISO 14001 standard to facilitate continuously
    improvement in environmental management throughout our facilities and operations.
  • 71% waste diverted from low-value landfill and recovered for recycling and reuse.
  • Featured the Australasian Recycling Label on 16 products.
  • Returned more than 18,000 Blackmore’s glass bottles in Thailand through the B For Earth initiative for recycling.
  • Reused 5,000 bottles for hydroponic planting vessels for edible vegetables used in school education and donated the money raised through recycling to an orphanage supporting the nutrition and welfare of young girls.
  • Commissioned a life-cycle assessment of Blackmores’ two most significant packaging formats to better understand the environmental footprint of our products.

What is Nutritional Value? – Conclusion

Vitamins online with Blackmores has stood the test of time and provide its customers with a commitment to wellness for every individual purchasing nits products. The company is a committed Australian company and gives back to the community by various initiatives and eco-friendly procedures. The companies commitment to long term R&D is commendable and shows its commitment to providing quality products.

The company is now moving onto a new era with the Corona Virus outbreak. Company announcements will be reported on this website.

On February the 6th 2020 the Financial Review  reported;

We are seeing an increase in demand for immunity products across many of our Asian markets,” a Blackmore’s spokesman said. “In Australia, the decline in tourists from China has impacted sales”.

It comes as new Blackmores chief executive Alastair Symington continues to make a raft of executive changes as he puts his stamp on the group.

Blackmores’ director of portfolio strategy, Aaron Canning, who was replaced as chief financial officer in December and shifted to the new role, is leaving the company. An internal announcement on the exit was made a day ago.

BKL – Blackmores – shares trading at $64.66.